06 August 2008

SkinnyDebbie is done

The initial release of SkinnyDebbie is done. What started as something that I thought I could put together in a few evenings has turned out taking far, far longer than that. But I think the results have been worth it. There are aspects of the user experience that still need cleaning up, but overall I think it's a pretty decent lightweight desktop.

Most of my time was spent writing scripts to make system administration easier for less-than-sys-admin types. Automounting in particular was a royal time hog. If you are insane enough to actually read all the custom scripts (both the ones that do the installation as well as the ones that are installed as part of SkinnyDebbie), you will be able to track the development of my Linux competence.

I've decided to give SkinnyDebbie its own website. For the time being, it will be hosted at http://birotechnology.com/skinny. I am hoping this is a temporary situation and that a more suitable location will present itself. I'm also hoping to flesh out the installation instrutions a bit more once I have recovered a bit from the last few days of development and testing.

Now, please go forth and install. And then let me know what you think.

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