02 February 2011

OpenOffice.org + dark theme + Openbox

I've been noodling with the very, very dark aud-Default GTK+ theme--which also happens to play very well with the Onyx Openbox theme. However, as nicely as it plays with Onyx, it plays very, very badly with OpenOffice.org. If you get your Google on, you'll find a number of workarounds for OO.org and dark themes. What I wanted is an easy to implement and (more importantly de-implement) solution. A solution in the Crunchbang Linux forums spells out just the ticket. In your ~/.config/openbox/autostart.sh file, add the line:


This will make OO.org fallback to its native theme ... ugly as sin, but usable.

Note that if you are having the opposite problem--that you can't get OO.org to render with your GTK theme--then try adding:

export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome

instead. This suggestion is from the #! forums and Urukrama's blog.

There are a few other usability issues I'm having with aud-Default , but I'm willing to work at it some more given the sweet way it renders entries in fbpanel's taskbar.