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Debian Jessie


KB3033929 - or the joys of dual booting

I have been bitten by the bug described in Microsoft's KB3033929.

What I did to fix it:
Dug around and found my Windows 7 install disc. Luckily I had one. Woe be to you if your computer came without one.Started my computer with the  Windows 7 install in the CD drive. Did the obvious things until I got to a dialog that gave me the option to Repair your computer--which I selected.In the following window, I selected Command Prompt and ran Bootrec.exe /FixMbrThat seemed too easy, so I also ran the option to check for and correct startup issues.Removed the Windows 7 install disc media After the automatic reboot (into Windows--bye, bye GRUB), then manually rebooted.Prompted windows to try (again!) to install the offending update.Rebooted to confirm that the update took.Reinstalled GRUB using Rescatux. So far, no drama.