KB3033929 - or the joys of dual booting

I have been bitten by the bug described in Microsoft's KB3033929.

What I did to fix it:
  1. Dug around and found my Windows 7 install disc. Luckily I had one. Woe be to you if your computer came without one.
  2. Started my computer with the  Windows 7 install in the CD drive. Did the obvious things until I got to a dialog that gave me the option to Repair your computer--which I selected.
  3. In the following window, I selected Command Prompt and ran Bootrec.exe /FixMbr
  4. That seemed too easy, so I also ran the option to check for and correct startup issues.
  5. Removed the Windows 7 install disc media After the automatic reboot (into Windows--bye, bye GRUB), then manually rebooted.
  6. Prompted windows to try (again!) to install the offending update.
  7. Rebooted to confirm that the update took.
  8. Reinstalled GRUB using Rescatux.
So far, no drama.


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