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Fixing Qt5 themes in Xfce

A lot of my Qt apps (e.g., qpdfview, VLC) recently stopped respecting my GTK theme. I did some checking, and it turns out they are all Qt5 apps. Google led me to the QT5 apps don't obey GTK theme settings post at the Manjaro Linux forum, which has some interesting things to say (generally applicable to all distributions).

What I eventually did was add:

# Workaround for Qt5 app theming.

to the end of my my .profile, logout and log back in. Works now.

Looking for a new RSS news reader

Tiny Tiny RSS is a very decent if not glamorous self-hosted, FOSS news reader. A while back the developer decided to make the install and update process git-based. In addition, "shared hosting accounts, windows and other alternative OSes, free tiers of PaaS services of any kind, is not supported. Not supported in this case meaning: it may work in your particular case but if you have problems you are on your own."

I don't know with any certainty if the deprecation of shared hosting support has anything to do with some weirdness I'm experiencing on the shared hosting account where I have my TT-RSS installed. So, I am preparing for the worst.

I want a self-hostable and FOSS solution if at all possible. The solution also needs to play well with mobile (Android), either through really good Web site design or a dedicated app. I also insist on keystroke article navigation (next and previous).

I'll update this list as I try things.

FOSSownCloud sports a news module. I…