sox and mp3

This is just an info nugget that I hope will save someone else the half-hour it just cost me. In Debian, sox won't play mp3 files by default--even with the baddest, ugliest gstreamer bits installed. The magic bit of fufu dust you need to make sox play mp3 is the libsox-fmt-mp3 package. But as long as you're at it, you may as well just install all the libsox formats with:

# aptitude install libsox-fmt-all


Drakopulos said…
Wow! thank you. So easy
Drakopulos said…
OMG Thx! Still spent a half an hour reading through other threads on this subject before I landed here (thankfully). Nice fufu magic !
Thanks for your help, I can listen my music with play in an xterm on my Dedian Squeeze and it was very simple to follow tuto
jiminikiz said…
"magic bit of fufu dust"

So hilarious, LoL! Thanks so much, saved me some time.

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