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startupmanager is your friend

After a recent update to my Karmic system, I noticed my boot screen icon's colors went all hallucinogenic. I later noticed that doing a Ctl-Alt-F1 resulted in a console that was nearly impossible to read: the text was a veeery dark grey. I figured the problems were related and I was right.

Using startupmanager (in the repositories), I was able to fix both problems by setting the boot screen bit depth from 8 bits to 16 bits. Dunno exactly what happened, but it's fixed now.

Configuring grub2/boot stuff is definitely easier with the startupmanager around. Recommended.

Getting your menu icons back in GNOME 2.30

According to this post, the Interface tab in GNOME's Appearance Preferences has been removed in GNOME 2.30. I can confirm that as of this writing the tab isn't available under Debian Squeeze.

Thia means if you want to have icons in menus enabled (who doesn't?) you need to resort to gconf-editor (i.e., Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor) and set the key:

I mean really. Who doesn't want icons in their menus?