08 December 2011

Lightweight Qt-based DE?

The last couple days, I've been wondering if it might be possible/worthwhile/stupid to build a Qt-centric lightweight desktopish environment. In other words, something to be to KDE what Xfce/Fluxbox/Openbox are to GNOME.

Today, I decided to do a bit of Googling and discovered Egg Window Manager, Qt Window Manager, and R Window Manager. I've yet to try any, but it's nice to know that there are people working on this.

Update [2012-01-12]: Reader CTown points out Razor-qt--a Qt-based desktop environment--is available as well. It's apparently a member of the QtDesktop project. It's worth pointing out that Razor-qt uses Openbox by default, and Openbox, while being a really nice WM, uses GLib--a GTK+ dependence. But maybe in combination with  one of the WMs above ...