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Firefox OS falling into the OEM trap?

Marty Eich over on RootzWiki deals with an issue that I mentioned in my previous post--namely that "open" in the mobile OS space has so far mostly been implemented as "open" for handset makers and carriers but not for end-users. Marty points out is that Firefox OS might have started pursuing this model as well, and that makes him (and me) uncomfortable.

I understand that without manufacturer and carrier interest any new mobile OS will be dead in the water, but let's not lose sight of the need to have a platform that's open for the end user. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive!

Why we need another smartphone OS

I'm going to step a little out of character in this post and respond to what might be nothing more than trolling. And in so doing I will probably engage in some myself. I am referring to a piece run on CNET today that asserts, "No, we don't really need another smartphone OS."

The work reads not unlike a piece of corporate protectionist propaganda, serving up the familiar, "It will be impossible for any newcomer to the mobile OS space to gain critical mass so they just better not try," stuff we've heard before. So, there's really nothing new in the content. What is new, or at least noteworthy, is the claim to address whether we need another smartphone OS--rather than how difficult a task it would be to build one--something that it pretty much fails to do. It entirely avoids the megaton gorilla that is the reason why we do need another OS: we currently lack a credible, open mobile platform. iOS is nowhere close to having any semblance of open; Androi…